The Weirdness

What’s up out there, guys? Do you feel like the world is strange and you’re the only one who notices? Have you seen things you can’t explain? Do you believe there’s more going on than your parents are telling you? Then welcome home. I’m Arlo and this is the place for you. Welcome to the Weirdness…”

So begins each episode of Arlo Graves’ podcast, exploring the unexplained and unbelievable conspiracies and phenomena that have fascinated us for centuries: Aliens, monsters, time travelers, etc. But secretly, Arlo doesn’t believe in any of it. Not until the day he gets a call from a mysterious listener named “Beef.” Arlo and his sidekick and tech whiz, Sierra, track Beef to an abandoned 80’s video arcade where they are shocked to discover that Beef is in fact B.F. – Bigfoot himself. Beef leads Arlo and Sierra on strange and hilarious journey around the globe where they begin to discover that every legend, every tall tale…is true. And they are all connected!  As Beef likes to say, “The Weirdness is Real, man!”