What We’re Looking For

We produce original high-concept, serialized, scripted programs full of action, adventure, mystery, humor and heart. Potential projects must translate well to the audio podcast medium and be aimed at young listeners (although their parents should love them, too). Our primary audience is middle graders, ages 8-12, but we’re also open to great ideas for grade-schoolers and teens (YA).

We passionately believe that telling stories for kids doesn’t mean dumbing down the content or the quality. Successful concepts should feature fun and believable characters, high emotional stakes, unique settings, exciting twists and mind-blowing cliffhangers. While adult characters can be a big part of the story, it’s important that kids be the main characters.

Close-ended stories with a beginning and an end are welcome, as well as shows that can continue over multiple seasons. Episode lengths will be determined during the development process, but in general we look to produce 2.5-3 hours of content for each individual podcast/season. We also seek projects with intuitive cross over potential.

Submission Guidelines and Process

1) Request to Pitch – Email us at Include your name, contact info and a short (2-3 sentence) description of your podcast concept. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and relevant experience. Download and sign this release form, and attach it to your email. We’ll get back to you within two weeks to set up a time to pitch. In the subject of your email, please write “Pitch – Release Attached” and the name of the pitch.

2) Pitch – We will schedule a time for you to meet with us (either in person or remotely) to pitch your podcast concept. Other than the release form, we don’t expect you to deliver any documents at or before this meeting. This is a chance for us to get to know you as a potential collaborator and to hear you talk about the story, setting, characters and tone of your show. How will it sound? How many seasons do you see it lasting?   Who is the target audience?

3) Development and treatment – If we like your pitch and want to proceed, we will pay you to develop your podcast concept and for an option to acquire and produce it. You will deliver a short treatment (less than 5 pages) detailing the story, setting, character and tone of the show. Who are the main characters? Where does the podcast/season begin and end? What are the big cliffhanger moments of the season? How will you tell the story in podcast form? Is there a narrator or other narrative device? How will sound effects and music be incorporated into the show? Where might any future seasons go? If we like your treatment, we will purchase your concept to be fully produced and distributed.

4) Writing and Producing – We pay writers and producers, including the series creator, to develop the treatment into working outlines and recording scripts.